This has been tested only minimally, but it never trashed my system, so there's some hope. I've used it to set up a client & server on an AMD64 machine, and a client on an x86. It should work on amd64, x86, sparc, ppc, and alpha.

To use it, unpack the tarball in your PORTDIR_OVERLAY (usually /usr/local/portage) and set /etc/portage/package.keywords to enable experimental versions of dev-util/vesta for your architecture (eg. ~x86). If you want to set up a server, you need to set the "vesta-server" USE flag, either globally or in /etc/portage/package.use.

Then do "emerge vesta". It will:

You need to:

To start a server, do "/etc/init.d/vesta-server start". To start a client, do "/etc/init.d/vesta start". If your server machine is also a client, do both, in that order. You can run them automatically at bootup in the usual way with rc-update.

You need to do all of Repository Initialization, by hand.

Note that no man pages are installed, as they're not in the source tarball.

Also note that if you use"emerge -C" to uninstall it, it will delete /vesta-srv, so beware!

Questions/comments/suggestions welcome. I hope to keep this current as Vesta evolves, and I plan to submit it to be an official part of the Portage system, when it seems ready.

As a closing note, remember that it's free, and I'm not guaranteeing it in any way. Back things up first!