Merging In Vesta

Most people consider "revision control" to about more than simply storing the state of files at different points in time and keeping track of who made which changes, when they made them, and which version each version is derived from. Most people consider merging of changes made in parallel to be an integral part of revision control.

For most of Vesta's history, we've thought that the repository's filesystem interface was sufficient support for this, because the user can run any tools they like to compare existing versions and modify their working copies. While it's true that the filesystem interface gives users flexibility to use a variety of merging and conflict resolution tools, they really need more assistance than that.

There are also a variety of subtle and complex merging problems, including:


/Food4Thought contains a collection of information which may be helpful to people thinking about the merging problem. If you haven't spent time thinking about it before, start here.

/DevPlan contains a more concrete description of: