Troubleshooting Vesta


Error / problem


Usually this is caused by local DNS problems on your LAN - vesta is heavily dependent upon a fully working DNS setup in many subtle ways.

To check, try:

on each machine, and try pinging each machine from every other machine, using *the name output by the target machine's hostname command*.

It is common for this problem to occur when all machines can ping each other, but using DNS alias's etc rather than the names that the machines know themselves by.


Error / problem


errno 13 is EACCES or "Permission denied". This usually means that a file/directory in /var/lib/vesta/sid is not owned by vadmin.


Here are two find commands you can copy/paste and run on Debian (bearing in mind "find" is generally incompatible across unixes) which will find for you precisely the files causing this problem:

The obscure error message, and lack of identifying the actual filename automatically, is logged as a bug here: