User Impressions

Downloaded the latest files for my configurations: 3 rpms, plus 3 tars, for RHEL4, i386.

vestarpms> sudo rpm -i vsrun-1.4-1gcc3.4.i386.rpm
vestarpms> sudo rpm -i vesta-common-2.1.12.pre13.9-1gcc3.4.i386.rpm
useradd: cannot create directory /home/vadmin
useradd: cannot create directory /home/vwizard
useradd: cannot create directory /home/vruntool
useradd: cannot create directory /home/vforeign
error: %pre(vesta-common-2.1.12.pre13.9-1gcc3.4.i386) scriptlet failed, exit status 12
error:   install: %pre scriptlet failed (2), skipping vesta-common-2.1.12.pre13.9-1gcc3.4

The problem is that /home is automounted for NIS users. I am more likely to want to create local users for now. Maybe I can just run this part by hand, e.g.:

sudo useradd -c "Vesta Admin" -d /local/vadmin -g 50 -m -n -s /bin/bash -u 502 vadmin

...something like that, in order not to clash.
Before trying it, I'll read a bit more. This was merely to show some activity, after having made a question, and received a reply. Thanks.

If the users already exist the RPM scripts will not try to create the users. They also create a couple groups, so make sure the users are in the groups correctly. --ScottVenier
Yes... I thought so, but I couldn't find what groups... Maybe I can try to read the install scripts from the rpm?
OK. Found it. The group creation had succeeded, and found some free gid's: 23333 and 23334.
For the uid's, I had to find holes in both /etc/passwd and ypcat passwd | cut -d: -f3 | sort -n, thus non-contiguous...

vestarpms> rpm -qp --scripts vesta-common-2.1.12.pre13.9-1gcc3.4.i386.rpm
vestarpms> sudo useradd -c "Vesta administrator" -d /local/vadmin -g vadmin -m -n -u 502 vadmin
vestarpms> sudo useradd -c "Vesta wizard" -d /local/vwizard -g vadmin -m -n -u 503 vwizard
vestarpms> sudo useradd -c "Vesta runtool user" -d /local/vruntool -g vadmin -m -n -u 490 vruntool
vestarpms> sudo useradd -c "Vesta foreign user" -d /local/vforeign -g vforeign -m -n -u 492 vforeign
vestarpms> sudo rpm -i vesta-common-2.1.12.pre13.9-1gcc3.4.i386.rpm
vestarpms> sudo rpm -i vesta-server-2.1.12.pre13.9-1gcc3.4.i386.rpm