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''Purely top-down software rebuilding'' : A Grosskurth

 * Note: this is a Masters thesis
 * Note: cites Vesta
 * Afetr describing related work and design criteria, it launches in to a description of a new tool called "redo" and how it was implemented
 * [http://grosskurth.ca/papers/mmath-thesis.pdf PDF]
 * [http://hdl.handle.net/10012/2673 Abstract]


Build Automation

Grexmk: Speeding Up Scripted Builds : G Ammons

OMake: Designing a Scalable Build Process : J Hickey, A Nogin

Safeness of Make-Based Incremental Recompilation : N Jorgensen

Purely top-down software rebuilding : A Grosskurth

Software Engineering Processes

Doing software development: occasions for automation and formalisation : R. E. Grinter

Why Can't I Buy an SCM Tool? : C Adams

A New Approach to Construction and Deployment of Software : T Sewell

The purely functional software deployment model : E Dolstra