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Clear message

This wiki has the media4moin parser installed. This allows you to write pages in this wiki using the same markup syntax as MediaWiki. It doesn't implement every feature of the MedaiWiki syntax, but it implements a useful subset.

To use this feature, just make the first line of your page:

#format media

In contrast, many pages in this wiki start with a different format specifier to use the default MoinMoin markup:

#format wiki

Alternatively you can embed a MediaWiki section in a normal wiki syntax page by starting with a three open curly braces and "#!media" on a line by itself and ending with thre close curly braces on a line by itself, like this (without the added spaces between curly braces):

{ { {#!media
MedaiWiki syntax markup here
} } }

For more information on how to use different parsers in this wiki see HelpOnParsers.

For more general information on MedaiWiki and comparisons with MoinMoin, see MediaWiki.

For examples, see: